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Edwards Productions offers a large assortment of audio and video services. We have a wide range of experience working with individuals, groups, and organizations as both a project manager and contractor.


A list of our most common services is listed below. Since projects vary significantly from one to another, we can not list a final price on our website. We enjoy customizing each and every project we do to fit your specific needs.


If you are looking for something other than what is listed below, please feel free to contact us.

Event Videos
Corporate Videos
Greenscreen Video
Video Editing

Weddings, graduations, band shows, concerts, dance recitals, sporting events, and more. Event videos provide an excellent way to capture these great memories and preserve them for years to come. Edwards Productions can customize video services for each kind of event.

For wedding video info, click here!

In today's digital world, customers and employees alike are more connected than ever. Videos provide an excellent way to market new products, record seminars, and distribute training material. Videos can be used online, by DVD or through cable TV stations.

Greenscreen editing, or chromakey, provides a way to place any background behind an actor or subject. This saves time, and can be used year round therefore eliminating the need for shooting on location. Paired with a teleprompter, this can be the perfect way to create professional videos. 

Video editing is the heart of any video project, live or studio. Edwards Productions uses a fully digital workflow that supports both high definition and blu-ray so that every project looks its best. We also specialize in multicamera editing and special effects.

Event Video Production in Rocky River, Ohio
Commercial Video Production in Cleveland, Ohio
Greenscreen Video Studio in Amherst, Ohio
Video Editing on PC and Mac NLE
Audio Production

Edwards Productions prides itself on providing professional sound quality for all productions. We understand the importance of capturing not just high quality video, but also amazing audio. To do this, we use a vast array of audio equipment that allows us to provide live sound, concert recording, band recording, voice-over recording and more.

Audio Production in Rocky River, Ohio
Music DJ

Every party needs music!

Edwards Productions can provide a sound system, music, DJ and special effect lighting for small to medium venues.

Wedding DJ Video Production Service in Valley City Ohio
Wedding DJ Audio Service in Valley City, Ohio
Video DJ / Karaoke

Video DJ combines the best of both worlds. Everything a music DJ provides plus music videos projected onto a large screen or HDTVs. Excellent entertainment for those who might not want to dance. 


Karaoke can be great entertainment for parties and events. We can provide all your favorite karaoke songs with lyrics.

Video Presentation Services in Rocky River, Ohio
Disc Production &
Graphic Design

For all your a/v projects, a disc label and graphic makes for a finished, professional appearance. Whether you need 20 copies tomorrow, or 200 next week, we can print your project onto CD, DVD or Blu-ray.


Additionally, we provide graphic design services for logos, menus, cover, labels and photos.

DVD Production of Event Video in Oberlin, Ohio
DVD production of live event video
Video Presentation

For all of those video presentations, lectures, seminars and banquets, Edwards Productions can provide high quality video projection services. Using a 4200 Lumen High Definition Epson projector, we can provide projection services for many different screen and room sizes.

Epson LCD project for video presentation services
Website Design

Small business, organizations and individuals can use the help of someone who has made websites before and can take you creative ideas and make them a reality. Better yet, its more affordable than you think. For as little as $100 a year, website hosting is available.

Sample work:

Website Design in Amherst, Ohio
VHS and Tape Transfers

If you have boxes of old family videos we can take those and convert them to a digital format. This helps to protect and preserve your fragile video tapes for generations to come. Multiple tape formats can be converted including 8mm, digital 8mm, VHS, VHS-C and mini DV. DVD and MP4 available!

Equipment Rental

If you need a set of speakers for a party or a projector for a meeting, we can help provide the right gear at the right time with professional setup and instruction. When we take care of the technical details you can worry about your event without worrying about the equipment. Ask how we can help.

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